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Demands of medicine are very strict. Therefore enterprises, dealing with pouring of medicaments into ampoules, must use original production that meets International standards. Kursk Plant of Medical Glass produces just that kind of goods.

The main direction of activity of JSC "Kursk Plant of Medical Glass" is production of glass tubes for medical purpose with diameter from 9.0 till 25.0 mm of chemically and heat resistant borosilicate glass HC-3.

They are intended for production of ampoules, test tubes, vials and other goods. The following types of glass ampoules for medicaments are also produced:

"C" - dual ampoules of vacuum filling;

"B" - single ampoules of vacuum filling;

"SHP" - ampoules of spray filling;

"ISO-9187-1-C-2" - ampoules of import tube of Schott Glass firm.

GLASS AMPOULES FOR MEDICAMENTS have certificate of conformity POCC (ROSS) RV.A5102.H16406 as for safety indices, determined by Interstate Council on standardization, metrology and certification.

The main consumers of JSC "Kursk Plant of Medical Glass" are enterprises of chemical pharmaceutical branch of medical industry both in Russia and in CIS and Baltic countries.

The enterprise obtained international recognition for the achievements during the period of transition to market conditions, becoming a possessor of international prize "Artsmaker" in June 1995.

In 1996-1997 the enterprise was given the prizes "Golden palm" and "Large golden cliche" of international fund "Partnership for the sake of progress" for achievements in economic activity.

In 1997 JSC "Kursk Plant of Medical Glass" received a certificate of Russian Federation "Leader of Russian economy" among five thousand of the most successfully working enterprises.

In October 1999 goods, produced by the plant, passed certification tests as for safety indices in RC "Crystal", c. Gus-Chrustalny of Vladimir region.

Taking into consideration modern tendencies of Russian market of goods for medical purpose, the collective of the plant elaborated a special program and started its implementation at the expense of attraction of its own means at the amount of 30 million rubles and investments at the amount of 23,0 million USD.

Thereby it increased volume of ampoules of spray filling and produced glass tubes of glass of the 1-st hydro-lytic class, which met the requirements of European standard.

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